SATengine – Mobile mapping for rails

Efficient capture of railway infrastructure data. Can be used all over the world.

SATengine is a mobile mapping system used to capture railway infrastructure data. We are able to offer our customers all-in-one solution concepts, from the measuring vehicle to the video analysis software. Whether you are looking for one-off, complete or specific solutions, we are on hand to satisfy the requirements of our customers.

The SATengine technology

SATengine is a video-based mobile mapping system that has been specifically developed to cater for the requirements in place for surveying railway infrastructure. Its structure allows it to be used on any rail vehicle. The topology model underlying the data evaluation as well as the evaluation process itself have been developed by rail experts.
The accuracy of the surveying is in line with the requirements imposed on ECTS. Speeds of up to 200 km/h are possible here when taking a measurement.
The SATengine measurement technology is temporarily installed on a vehicle for measurement trips. The position measurements are taken using an ultra-precise DGNSS/inertial navigation system. The vehicle's odometer pulses are also used in tunnels and other areas without GPS reception.
Objects are automatically detected and extracted into the videos. SIGNON has developed software for AI-based image analysis purposes here, making the data capture and analysis process with SATengine even more efficient and simple.

Flexible measurement structure, flexible data formats

The options provided by SATengine are as diverse as the project objectives set by our customers. The flexible structure makes it possible to record all of the required views using different cameras. This means all objects can be viewed from the front and from the rear. Side objects (such as those on tunnel walls) or overhead lines are also recorded.
The flexibility of the measurement structure for line documentation purposes or to verify other surveys is such that the equipment required can be reduced down to just a smartphone. The results that SATengine produces are just as flexible too. Data can be provided in all standardised and customer-specific formats.
We also supply the georeferenced videos together with our SATengine Viewer, which was developed in-house specifically for this purpose. We would of course also be delighted to show you the various options a GIS provides to use your data.

Your benefits

  • Can be used all over the world thanks to the flexible construction
  • Rapid capture of large route networks without disrupting operations
  • All-in-one data capture and evaluation
  • Project planning errors avoided thanks to ultra-precise data

Have we aroused your interest? We will be happy to explain to you all the possibilities of data acquisition with SATengine.