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SIGNON EPPsta. Handle complexity with technology.

The tool for counting guests and travel time analysis from SIGNON.

Planning public transport services is a highly complex task. Accurate knowledge of passenger demand is of the utmost importance. SIGNON EPPsta (Evaluation Passenger Projection and STAtistics) provides assistance when you need it.

Traveller counting and timetable optimisation made easy

Public transport faces a series of challenges. Increased demand must be covered so that new travellers become regular users. The offering should be optimised so that the vehicle fleet and staff are most efficiently deployed. Accurate user demand figures for revenue sharing are of paramount importance for transport associations and responsible entities.
This is where we come in: SIGNON EPPsta handles the statistically reliable projection of traveller figures in order to draw conclusions about total volume. This is how we provide ideal support when planning public transport. SIGNON EPPsta is used for projects involving counting passengers, analysis of travel times and timetable optimisation.

SIGNON handles complexity with technology

SIGNON EPPsta uses and validates data from various upstream systems (vehicle sensors) and allows for individual analysis, freely configurable pivot assessments as well as convenient export of data to MS Excel.
Freely sortable tables and various graphical depictions can be selected and tailored to individual requirements. There is also a map illustration of the results for ideal visualisation of the figures.
Our software was developed with state-of-the-art methods, technologies and tools. SIGNON EPPsta has an intuitive user interface, flexible filters that can process at high speeds and an elegant authorisation concept.

Your benefits

  • A full solution for automatic counting of passengers and analysis of travel times (AFZS, VDV 457)
  • Years of experience in automatic counting of passengers
  • Interdisciplinary teams: Both software professionals and experienced engineers with expertise in the field of public transport work on optimising the design of our software products every day.

Do you need support in planning the mobility of tomorrow? Are you interested in our SIGNON EPPsta tool? Get in touch with us now.