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Expert in rail infrastructure projects. 

SIGNON Deutschland GmbH, a company of Deutsche Bahn AG, is your competent partner for innovative local and long-distance transport projects. Established back in 2010, SIGNON is now in a position to combine its expert knowledge derived from years of project experience and more than 6,000 projects implemented all over the world.
SIGNON Deutschland GmbH is on hand to offer you consulting and engineering services across maintenance groups in order to counter the increasingly complex challenges in rail traffic. We are here by your side together with our know-how – enabling the future of innovative mobility.


SIGNON is responsible for planning and consulting in advance of implementation. Good planning is indeed half the battle in complex rail projects. SIGNON is on hand to support you from the initial concept to the awarding of project contracts with specialist employees to cover all areas.

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Rail traffic is the future of mobility, as it is the most environmentally friendly alternative compared to other modes of transport. However, the current rail system needs to be significantly better performing and more reliable – and this is all down to the art of engineering performed by the best experts. Find out more about our services in the field of engineering.

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Technical consultancy

The key element behind all of our projects is to have trains that are reliable, safe and arrive at their destination on time. With our vast international experience, we are on hand to provide you with comprehensive services enabling professional technical consultancy at all stages.

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In addition to its broad portfolio of IT tools, SIGNON also offers you custom-made individual software developments to cater for various improvements and software solutions for operators and manufacturers in the field of rail traffic. SIGNON is all about innovation and software solutions that make today’s processes simpler in future. Are you curious to find out more?

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SIGNON Deutschland GmbH - a strong partner to enable you to be successful

More than 200 experts in four sites across Germany. With SIGNON, you can call on the experts in the fields of planning and engineering in railway transportation for your project.

We understand equipment technology in railway infrastructure

SIGNON stands for ultra-specialised services covering all aspects of equipment for railway infrastructures with complex systems, from the technical consulting to engineering, software, control and safety technology, railway power supply systems right through to telecommunications systems – including both long-distance as well as local traffic.

We understand rail systems

We supervise our customers along the entire value added chain, from the initial concept to implementation, right through to operation. Analytical skills combined with a high level of technical know-how help guide our customers to success.

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