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SIGNON SUITE. Simulation of electric transport systems

Optimum level of support for modelling, calculation and analysis.

The electrical power supply system for local and long-distance railways, tram systems, underground systems, metro systems, trolley buses and e-buses depends on all kinds of parameters. SIGNON SUITE helps you to model, calculate and evaluate them in the best possible way.

Software to cover any situation

The experience we have gained over more than 30 years in the field of railway power supply simulation is replicated in our software developed in-house. SIGNON SUITE features intuitive graphic user interfaces and a high-performance computation engine. This software is complemented by SIGNON's services, such as training sessions, consulting and full supervision of projects.

The SIGNON SUITE software

You can use our software to complete your data management, network modelling and comprehensive variant management tasks with ease. Whether you need to undertake train journey simulations or do this in combination with an electric grid calculation, the SIGNON SUITE software can do this for DC and AC tracks in equal measure.
Our programs also help you to evaluate simulation results and calculate operating impedances and the magnetic and electric field distribution of contact line and overhead line systems.

Graphic user interface featuring a modern design

Feel right at home

Whether you are modelling a system or analysing calculation results, SIGNON SUITE is always presented in the same design with modern graphic user interfaces developed in line with usability principles according to DIN EN ISO 9241. Our ribbon bars, dock panels, editable grids featuring sort and filter functions, properties windows and preview displays are state of the art, and the comprehensive context-sensitive help feature provides you with rapid, skilled support if you have any queries.

What we value here

  • Similar operating modes for similar actions. This ensures quick familiarisation and stops you from having to go through tedious searching.
  • Uninterrupted work by avoiding modal query or error dialogue boxes. Errors are tolerated in the modelling and collated for subsequent recording in an interaction error list.
  • Self-explanatory error text and suggested solutions
  • Rapid navigation by way of hotkeys, subject to standard conventions
  • Same icons for same functionalities in all SIGNON SUITE programs

Maps, schemes and overview circuit diagrams

A picture is worth a thousand words

In other words, drawings are the language spoken by engineers. What’s even better are drawings that you do not need to compile yourself and are always up-to-date.
DATAmanager always generates the right schemes and overview circuit diagrams using the model data. If you change the parameters in these data, this will be incorporated immediately in all views. These views are also interactive. As a result, model processing is not only possible in list dialogue boxes, but you can also do this directly in the views as well.

Variant management

Everything at a glace

DATAmanager has implemented a variant management system where virtually any parameter can be varied. This allows even very complex and comprehensive projects to be modelled centrally and clearly.

Inheritance as the basis of variation

The basic principle behind variant formation is the “parent/child” principle of inheritance. The principle is based on the fact that the “child elements” assume all of the parameter settings of their "parent elements” → i.e. they inherit them. The implemented variant model makes it possible for each parameter of an element in each variant to have a different value. If a parameter is overwritten in a "child element", the previous inheritance chain is interrupted and a new inheritance branch commences, with effect from this variant, for the overwritten parameter for all subsequent child elements.

Our programs have various applications and benefits

  • Train journey simulation and electric grid calculation
  • Failure scenarios
  • Variant comparison
  • Component scope
  • System optimisation
  • Timetabling and timetable verification
  • Travel time calculation
  • Energy storage (stationary and mobile)
  • Energy demand assessment
  • Braking energy utilisation
  • Short-circuit and voltage drop calculation
  • Protective settings
  • EMC assessment


  • Traction vehicles: Running condition, traction force, braking force, speed, acceleration, current, power, power limit
  • Substations: Overall current, busbar voltage, power, line junction currents, power losses, load duration curves
  • Energy storage, battery: Energy content and power – Delivery and use, charging tactics, load profile
  • Contact line: Voltages, power depending on route and time, temperature
  • Overall network: Energy balance, grid losses, specific energy consumption of train journeys, timetable, track-to-earth voltages
  • Overall network: Energy balance, grid losses, specific energy consumption of train journeys, timetable, track-to-earth voltages
  • Battery: Energy content and power – Delivery and use, charging tactics, load profile
  • Three-phase power supply: Load distribution, voltages, power factors and transmission losses, circuit feedback
  • EMC/EMI: Power distributions in overhead line systems, magnetic field distribution, induced longitudinal voltages

Training sessions for SIGNON SUITE

Our decades of project experience and the requirements of users are incorporated into the continuous further development of SIGNON SUITE. This results in more and more new opportunities to model rail power supply systems. We are able to offer comprehensive training sessions in order for you to be able to utilise these opportunities in an efficient way that is most beneficial to your projects.
Our experienced trainers are able to use the data you provide or other examples to supervise you with regard to the modelling, calculation and evaluation. All kinds of questions in the field of railway power supply systems are then discussed in dialogue with each other. This means you are not only trained how to use the software, but you are also given knowledge of and the background behind this interesting and very specific field of electrical engineering.

License holders

  • ALSTOM (France, Brazil, India)
  • DB Energie GmbH
  • Colas Rail (France)
  • Rail Power Systems
  • Meiden Singapore Pte Ltd.
  • Land Transport Authority (Singapore)
  • China Railway Design Corporation (CRDC)
  • and many more.

Work with us to plan the mobility of tomorrow. Do you have any further queries regarding our SIGNON SUITEsoftware? If so, get in touch with us now.