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Innovative software solutions from railway sector specialists.

Rail traffic will become increasingly important in the future as a means of transport. In order to create the railway of the future that satisfies the most stringent requirements, it needs software that also thinks up solutions. SIGNON has the digital solutions you need.


Planning public transport services is a highly complex task. Accurate knowledge of passenger demand is of the utmost importance. SIGNON EPPsta (Evaluation Passenger Projection and STAtistics) provides assistance when you need it.

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Project planning software for catenary systems - object-focused planning. SIGNON OLAcad was developed for planning lines and extended rail networks in long-distance traffic, contact line systems in local transport and the tram system, particularly in planning complex crossings and depots.

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The electric power supply of local and long-distance railways, train systems, underground railways, metro systems, trolleybuses and electric buses depends on a wide range of parameters. The SIGNON SUITE provides ideal support for modelling, calculation and evaluation.

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