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Data engineering combined with rail know-how

We are putting the future of rail on a secure data footing.

With SIGNON Data Engineering, we have been offering innovative solutions for capturing and analysing rail infrastructure data for more than 10 years. Our services are tailored perfectly to the challenges posed by rail-based infrastructure, all thanks to our in-depth rail knowledge.

Digital data for any use

Whether you are preparing your ETCS planning, implementing efficient asset management or looking for the basis to digitise your rail operations, data that are up-to-date form the basis for sound and modern infrastructure.
The availability of digital data poses a major challenge for many infrastructure projects. These data not only need to be up-to-date, they also need to satisfy the enhanced accuracy requirements for ETCS. At the same time, there is ever greater focus on the multiple applications of data in order to ensure the collection of data is efficient.
SIGNON is on hand to offer innovative solutions in order to provide you efficiently and quickly with the infrastructure information. These solutions include video line documentation, which saves costly site inspections, along with the ultra-precise surveying of equipment elements.

From data capture to provision

SIGNON Data Engineering covers all of the infrastructure surveying phases, from the recording of data to the preparation and analysis stage, right through to the provision of data in the correct format. This includes work by qualified planners or drawers to update or reproduce as-completed drawings.
The line can be recorded using SIGNON’s own in-house SATengine measuring system, but we are responsible for implementing each form of 2D or 3D data capture.
If you already have infrastructure data available at your disposal and would like to get these data analysed, we can certainly help you here. We integrate these data into our process and make the data ready for direct further use. Our core competencies also include merging different data sources, such as combining line recordings and aerial images.

Our services in the field of data engineering

Capture of railway Infrastructure

  • Precision surveying of infrastructure for all areas of rail traffic (local and long-distance transport, underground or tram)
  • Data capture optimised for the area of application: inspection, overflying, video, LiDAR, radar, etc.
  • Evaluation and integration of existing raw data (e.g. videos, aerial images, point clouds)
  • Capture of geopositions, track course and gradients
  • Determination of distances between all equipment elements down to the precise track and platform and their route kilometres
  • Georeferenced video documentation for virtual site inspections (such as to support tenders)
  • Provision of SATengine Viewer to enable optimum use of line videos
  • Anonymisation of individuals and relevant objects to ensure data protection

Updating of as-completed data

  • Preparation and digitisation of as-completed data for subsequent processing in other systems
  • Comparison of as-completed data with actual infrastructure status
  • Updating of databases and as-completed drawings
  • Drafting of new plans based on up-to-date surveying data
  • Automated object recognition using artificial intelligence
  • Automated comparison of infrastructure elements at two different times, e.g. following on from construction work
  • Visualisation of changes in tables, videos and maps

Validation of ETCS data

Data provision

  • Comparison of ETCS project planning data with real infrastructure prior to commissioning
  • Validation of distances, gradients and balise telegrams
  • Automated comparison of distances and gradients for their compliance with tolerated deviations based on configurable testing
  • Geopositions, distances, gradients, route kilometres
  • Topology data for the track network
  • Drafting of plans
  • Geodata
  • BIM integration
  • Standardised and specific data formats (e.g. railML, PoE)
  • Provision of SATengine Viewer to enable optimum use of line videos

Would you like to create an infrastructure database or develop your own measuring system? You can make the most of our expert knowledge in the form of technical consultancy as well.

Your benefits

  • Reliable infrastructure data for immediate subsequent processing in your systems
  • Customer and rail-specific output formats (e.g. PlanPro, railML)
  • Conformity with ETCS accuracy requirements
  • Rapid availability of data helps to prevent project delays
  • Operations not impacted while data is being collected
  • Efficient processes thanks to continuous further development and use of the very latest technologies
  • High quality of data ensured through consistent application of “four eyes” principle

Would you like to find out more information? If so, feel free to get in touch with us. We are on hand to advise you with your individual project.