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Documentation of the Dresden tram network

2020, Dresdner Verkehrsbetriebe AG

As part of a network study on the railway power supply, SIGNON undertook a data capture of the Dresden tram network on behalf of DVB. The measurement trip, which lasted for three days, involved recording all 295 kilometres of track using the SATengine system and documenting all relevant views on video, i.e. the lines and their electrical equipment, such as the contact line, mast and lighting as well as the proceed signal systems. As a result, the network can now be inspected virtually from a computer workstation. Checks conducted on the input data for the network study, which illustrate a train performance simulation with a superimposed electric network, are now easy to do.

The end result is a perfect match between the local conditions and the input data. By using the SATengine Viewer software, each section can also be selected directly and analysed from different camera perspectives.

The existing route network, made up of approximately 140 switches, was transferred to a node-edge model; the hubs were surveyed geographically. It is also possible to carry out additional subsequent surveying of other elements. In order to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation, the individuals involved were disguised in the videos.