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Network-wide assignment of infrastructure data (ISS-TP)

DB Netz AG Germany, 2021 - Ongoing

To assess the criticality of its systems, DB Netz requires operational indicators from the annual timetables (train intervals, loaded tonnes) to be transferred to the technical locations of system management. The reason for this transfer is to assign infrastructure elements from the track diagram model of timetable scheduling to specific technical locations. For this, SIGNON is supporting DB Netz to develop and validate assignment logics.

With the combination of rail knowledge, understanding of schedules and geodata expertise, the company is working through the infrastructure data of different parts of the systems, including tunnel, signal and bridge data. The specific results are based on a fixed state for technical locations and a specific yearly timetable; the assignment logics behind these make it possible for the assignment to be repeated and automated with future data sets. To do this, the project is conducting preparatory work for harmonisation and synchronisation of the data sets within the DB network.