SIGNON KMI. Customer management software

Digital customer support in public transport. With software from SIGNON.

Perfect customer support is now quite simple: The Customer Management Instrument (KMI) from SIGNON means management of customer enquiries and organisation of complaints management is seamless. Interested? Find out more about our KMI software.

Customer and complaints management with KMI: Software for exceptional customer satisfaction

Customer management works on several different levels: It maintains customer loyalty and ensures the future viability of the company as a result. Every incoming customer enquiry, if handled promptly and professionally via complaints management, is an opportunity to increase customer satisfaction.
This is why our tool was developed - customer management software that makes your processes more efficient. SIGNON KMI provides a simple record of the customer enquiry, short processing times, as well as competent reaction and communications.

Increased efficiency through technology - simple to use

Increased efficiency through technology - simple to use

An effective customer management tool is a fundamental part of quality management and also in continuous observation of the market.
SIGNON KMI systematically records and categorises incoming customer enquiries. The tool keeps a record of customer enquiries, forwards these for internal handling whilst also providing various evaluation options.
Appointments and responsibilities are assigned and monitored whilst communications are automated during processing and the causes of missed deadlines are localised in a targeted manner. SIGNON KMI is also user friendly, state-of-the-art and can be flexibly integrated into existing systems.

If desired, our experts support you in advance in introducing KMI when setting out the requirements and processes for customer support that are in line with your corporate philosophy.
We provide training measures that are aimed at specific target groups within your company to help introduce our customer management tool. There is a comprehensive service package to ensure a seamless introduction to SIGNON KMI: We adapt the software to your requirements, install it onto your IT platform, train users and also provide an optional service contract for advice over the phone, regular software updates and periodic retraining. Full support with SIGNON.

Our Services

  • Functionality and flexibility
  • Consulting and process optimisation
  • Installation and service

Your benefits

  • Lower costs
  • Improve quality
  • Create transparency
  • Reduce lead times in work processes

Are you interested in our SIGNON KMI customer management software? Do you need support in planning the mobility of tomorrow? Get in touch with us now.